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Jacqueline Cullen has extensive experience assisting individuals who would like to have more control and greater understanding of their thoughts and feelings. Her aim is to help them gain a full awareness of how their emotions are impacting their health and life. Be that at work or in the home.

Using practical and proven tools and techniques to help with issues like:
personal empowerment, breaking through fear, low self esteem, stress management, depression, anxiety, anger, empowering women, motivation, emotional and environmental well being.

With thirty plus years in the health and well being industry, Jacqueline has worked in Private Practice Clinical Counselling, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has worked as a Lecturer in: Stress Management; Power of Positive Thinking; Mindfulness; Relaxation Techniques; Behavioural modification, motivation and emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationship skills, addictions, relationship issues, counselling, assertiveness training, life coaching and more.…

Her extensive experience and professional approach are the perfect combination to assist individuals gain a greater awareness of their thoughts and feelings.




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