What are Chakras?   



Every person has a rainbow like energy field around him or her, which is called an “aura”. The aura is linked to the body by personal energy centres called “chakras”. The word chakra originated in Sanskrit, a sacred Indian language, and means “wheel of light”. This is an excellent translation, for a chakra appears to spin like a wheel or vortex and focuses the light of the aura toward the body. Auras and chakras are our “energy body”.

Major and Minor Chakras

As well as the seven well-known chakras, there are 21 minor or secondary chakras. The minor chakras are associated with the following body areas: one on the sole of each foot and one behind each knee; one for each gonad, two for the spleen, one for the stomach, and one near the liver, one in the palm of each hand, one on each breast: one on each clavicle, one behind each eye, one on each temple, and one near the thymus gland.

The minor chakras could be described as subtle energy “defenders” of the body, whereas the seven major charkas are the body’s “initiators” or “guardians”.

The chakras need to be kept in balance for optimum physical, mental, and spiritual health.

From time to time many of us have frittered away our time, flitting from one inconsequential thing to another, filling our minds with much trivia that we could easily discard. Stress levels rise if we become fixed in these ways of living, and little tell-tale signs of complaint from the body start to occur, such as general weakness or lethargy, difficulty in digesting certain foods, frequent mood swings, bags under the eyes, and depression and/or irritability.

These can be early indications that subtle prana energies entering through your charkas are not keeping up with the rate at which your style of life is discharging them. Consequently, you may experience food allergies, craving for alcohol, cigarettes, candies, chocolate, and processed foods, muscle cramps, problems with yeast infection (candida), fingernails that break easily, and hair in poor condition. As the body’s resources become more and more depleted, you may succumb to frequent bouts of illness.



The first/base chakra (red)

Basic/root chakra is the foundation of life. Positioned at the very bottom of the spine this chakra initiates life through procreation and represents our will to live. The base chakra draws earth energy upward through the feet and legs to process and stabilise it.

Disorders that affect the sacrum, spine, excretion, and sexual organs are all connected to imbalances of the first chakra.

The second/sacral chakra (orange)

Concerned with assimilation, both of food as well as ideas, which bring about a natural sense of joy. This chakra is where sexuality is transmuted into the creative arts through self-expression.

If the chakra is under active, there will be an urge to overindulge in food, sex, causing obesity, food intolerance, chronic skin conditions, or possibly impotence or disease.

An over-active sacral chakra will lead to confused sexuality, unless it is balanced by the influence of the heart chakra.


The third/solar plexus chakra (yellow)

It is here that the element of fire rules and the sun’s energies, charged with prana, are stored. Here also the upward-flowing Earth energy meets the downward flowing cosmic energy.

The chakra’s action on the body’s glandular system is through the pancreas, which produces insulin and is involved in the metabolism of sugar. The physical location stretches from the bottom of the breastbone to the navel, covering a large area that includes the stomach, gall bladder, and liver- organs primarily concerned with the digestive system. The sympathetic nervous system and the health of the muscles are also influenced by it.

This is a vital centre to treat during illness. If negative emotions in the sacral chakra are not dealt with, they can rise to the solar plexus chakra and over stimulate it: this then leads to misuse of personal power, while under activity leads to introversion.

A happily balanced chakra allows personal empowerment that honours the wisdom and knowledge of others.

Two diseases are associated with this chakra- diabetes and cancer.

Balancing the solar plexus chakra to ensure it processes energies from the lower charkas as well as the heart chakra may be achieved through healing, meditation, visualization, and crystals and by just breathing in the power of the sun.

The fourth/heart chakra (green/pink)

Situated in the centre of the chest and is connected to two other minor chakras.

This is the place where sound or the source of creation manifests itself. The gateway to higher consciousness.

Our hands are included in the flow of heart chakra energies, and it is through them that we can experience the gift of touch.

The circulation of air and oxygenated blood through the body are functions of this chakra. Energy blockages in the heart chakra may manifest as heart or lung disease. The flow of lymph may also be affected.

When the heart chakra and its two associated minor charkas are fully balanced, the physical body automatically enters a state where its basic survival needs are met. It is then that the real work of these chakras begin- development of forgiveness peace, acceptance, openness, harmony, and contentment, all of which are aspects of unconditional divine love.



The fifth/throat chakra (Sky blue)

Think of it as a bridge because it is placed at a point on the neck where the body narrows and concentrates all of its energies to pass information up to the brain.

It is a bridge too in the sequential development of the inner aspects of chakra energies, since once the throat chakra is open, access to a different land, another side of the ‘river of life’ – the spiritual realms- is achievable.

Linked primarily to the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the body. These glands secrete hormones for normal human growth and metabolism of calcium.

The workings of the ear, nose and throat with the senses of hearing and speech, and to some extent the respiratory system, are also connected to this chakra.

If this chakra is blocked, it can result in depression and may even make a person feel suicidal.

Sixth/brow chakra (indigo)

Situated at the centre of the brow, represents the inner eye and is sometimes called the third eye or eye of wisdom. It is the place of duality- such as light /dark, female/male, hot/cold and the duality and battle that occurs between ego and spirit.

All too often, our ego thinks it supplies us with everything we need, and the chakra remains undeveloped and almost shut down. The ideal is to balance this centre so that the chakra is fully open to its enormous potential and so that spirit can also manifest itself.

Headaches, especially migraines, sinus or ear problems, endocrine imbalances are all third eye problems. Can be caused by not wanting to see or hear something that is vital to the growth of the soul.

Seventh chakra/ crown chakra (violet)

Activates and opens us up to higher consciousness. The two basic energies of duality, which we name masculine and feminine, unite, bond, and transcend at this chakra creating (when it is fully active) a super consciousness that is beyond time and space. In this super consciousness, a process of unification occurs between the human personality and a higher self.

Activates and opens us up to higher consciousness. The two basic energies of duality, which we name masculine and feminine, unite, bond, and transcend at this chakra creating (when it is fully active) a super consciousness that is beyond time and space. In this super consciousness, a process of unification occurs between the human personality and a higher self.