Intuitive Hypnotherapy


Intuitive hypnotherapy is truly unique where the personal experience of the client is shared with the hypnotherapist. The guided journey takes them both down to that place of need. Sharing the energetic space and showing them both the stories that have been holding the client back.

Using the cues from the person, the therapist is able to clear old beliefs and behaviours on a deeper level for life-altering, life-long change.

Intuitive hypnotherapy is a safe, easy and rapid method of making positive changes in your life. There are no harmful side effects, only beneficial ones. In intuitive hypnosis you are fully aware of what is happening throughout and you remain in complete control.

Intuitive hypnotherapy can be very effective with problems and issues you have tried and failed to overcome on your own. Your subconscious mind knows what no longer serves you and when you are ready to make changes, it will happily support you in your journey. Releasing old energy, filling your hole being with a renewed vigour.

Intuitive Hypnotherapy is widely regarded as one of the most effective treatments for:

smoking cessation,

weight loss



emotional problems,

Motivational issues


post traumatic stress disorder


£160 per session (approx. 60-80 min)

*Although many issues can be cleared in as little as 1 session, more complex issues such as long standing depression, chronic anxiety, a lifetime of low self-esteem and so on can take 2 or 3 sessions longer.