growing spiritually

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the Individual relationship we have with Divine Wisdom; what it means to us and how it shapes our inner world of light and darkness!

It is about being aware of our separation from Divine Presence and our return to wholeness. As we do so; we start to SEE the stories we have created unfold!

Having a conscious awareness of our outer life and all; or any dramas we may be attached to, gives us a very good idea of what our inner world of feelings and beliefs are!

“You believe yourself to be energy contained in the body. But really, you are the body contained in the energy. Just like the Pea in Pea Soup.” Jacqueline Cullen

In life we have relationships with our partners and children. These relationships give us joy, and there is ‘never’ a time when we are not in a relationship with them (generally speaking.)


It is the same with Spirit. We are always in a relation with the Divine Presence. It cannot be any other way!

This you will SEE as you progress in your understanding of the Spiritual connection!

In fact, we are so very much more deeply in relationship with the Divine! As our own human relationships come, go and change. Our relationship to Spirit never does.

It is always there, always inside of us for we ARE Spirit.

There is no separation between the human and Spirit just as there is no separation between the body and brain. It is all connected; I can see one but not the other. Unless of course I have a special machine that enables me to view the brain within!

So it is the case with Spirit. I may not be able to see it, but if I sit quietly and focus my attention and intention I am able to SEE, FEEL and get to KNOW this most precious side of myself!

Spirituality for the 21st Century